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Residential Demo FAQ's

What permits will I need?

Answer. We advise you to contact your local municipality to find out what permits will be needed for your specific job. Each job is different and each municipality requires different permits before a demolition/deconstruction job can be started.

What is a Hazmat report?

Answer. A Hazmat report is needed by Work Safe BC regulation before any demolition/deconstruction can begin.  It's a report that shows us what different hazardous materials my be contained in the building before deconstruction. The report will provide an overall assessment of the project, taking samples of suspect materials that may contain hazardous waste that MUST be removed prior to commencement of demolition/deconstruction. Some of the "hazmat" material that can be found are:

- Asbestos
- Lead
- Mercury
- PCB's
- Halons
- CFC's
- Mould
- Silica

You can find some more information on hazardous waste at:

How much does a Hazmat report cost?

Answer. The average cost of a hazmat report could be as low as $500.00 and upwards. This depends on the size and age of the house or building. 

Why do I need a Hazmat report? 

Answer. It is the law. Work Safe BC requires that all companies provide this report to employees and must have this report available on any demolition/deconstruction site. This allows for a safe workplace and for a safe dumping of clean waste and segregation of the hazardous materials to be disposed of as "specialized waste" at the sanctioned facilities.

How much does it cost to demolish or deconstruct a house?

Answer.  Unfortunately, in the demolition/deconstruction industry, it’s very difficult to give a set price on how much a job will cost. Prices can vary depending on the size of the job, the material involved and results of HAZMAT testing, salvage necessary etc. What we suggest is to send an email to with a description of the project (and some pictures if possible) and the hazmat report and one of our estimators will be in touch.

How long does it take to demolish or deconstruct a house?

Answer.  Once the hazmat has been removed, we can generally take down a house within a couple of days.

What can be recycled?

Answer.  We sort all the waste out into bins where it is taken to recycling dumps where possible i.e clean drywall will go to the Gypsum recycler, clean wood will go to clean wood Recycler, asphalt, concrete and bricks to aggregate recycler, trees and shrubs to tree and vegetation recycler and metals to various local metal recyclers. 3R Demolition makes every effort to keep whatever we can out of the landfill but unfortunately, sometimes it's unavoidable. 


3R Demolition projects range are from the small bungalow demolition to high scale commercial and substantially sized industrial projects. These projects are generally wood frame, steel or concrete buildings.

If your aim is to have a Safe, Environmentally Sustained project from the start, 3R Demolition can achieve this goal - all at a competitive price.

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What our clients say...

""I would like to thank you and your team at 3R Demo for completing the MSA Demolition Project with such professional""

- Irene, Fraser Health Authority

""I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and the staff of 3R Demolition for your efforts and cooperation in helping PCL with the successful completion of the Ministry of Children and Family Development Project. The space was the envy of Ministry staff working in other offices. We can in under budget and on schedule.""

- Terry Moore, PCL Constructors

""On this challenging project, you were always willing to resolve issues in an expeditious and reasonable manner. Your company's dedication and the efforts by your employees certainly helped in our ability to remit to our client, a quality building of which we can all be proud""

- Luc Ronse, BIRD Construction Company

""Your crews were easy to work with and it was apparent that safety was of the greatest importance, from start to finish I think its true to say that the job was accomplished in a business like way with a minimum of fuss""

- Mark Casson, Vancouver Coastal Health

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